Lobe Pump

Lobe Pump

Design Feature of ourLobe Pump

Stephenson Lobe pumps are designed for applications in chemical, personal care products, industrial applications, food and beverages industries.

Salient Features:

  • Product integrity is maintained as shearing is negligible.
  • Self-draining casing to enhance CIP / SIP.
  • Specially designed one piece rotor and gear case body for longer bearing and seal life.
  • The pump and gear box casing is a one piece casting, thereby ensuring precise alignment, enabling accurate and reliable operation.
  • Precise flow rate and reliable operation
  • Reverse pumping possible.
  • Loading and unloading now possible with the same pump.
  • Hygienic front loading of mechanical seal ensure ease of maintenance.
  • Sealing with Single Mechanical Seal with or without quench.
  • Pump with foot mount, option for vertical port or horizontal port possible.
  • The pump is suitable for CIP (Clean-in-Place), M.I.P (Maintenance-in-Place), and S.I.P (Sterilization-in-Place).
  • The complete pump is manufactured in stainless steel
  • Special Rotor Case profile for self-draining
  • Capacity available from 30 LPM up to 900LPM, Pressure 15kg/cm2 , Viscocity-1,50,000cst

Rotor is available in variety of profiles to handle the media efficiently.

  • Multi-lobe Rotor for thin liquids for improved accuracy and low pulsation.
  • Bi-wing Rotor to handle viscous medium,
  • Tri-Wing Rotor for thin liquids and soft paste.
  • Helical Screw for enhance efficiency.

Typical Applications:

  • Food and beverage
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bio-Technology