Applications for different industries

A. Twin Screw Pump for clear and smooth liquids:

Types of Liquids handled:
  • Additives
  • Base Oils
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Paraffin Products

B. Twin Screw Pump for liquids having no lubricating properties and also abrasive in nature:

For such liquid the gear box containing the timing gears are placed externally in a pool of oil, also the bearings are placed externally. This allows the pump to handle effectively any type of liquid.

Types of Liquids handled:
  • Molasses
  • Polyester
  • Lyes
  • Carbon Black
  • Crude Oil
  • Bitumen
  • Black Oil
Twin Screw Pump Applications for different industries:
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Tank Farm
  • Oil Blending Stations
  • Thermal Power industries
  • Fertilizer industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Ship Building industries
  • Shipping
  • Sugar Industries

C. Twin Screw Pump for food, drugs, pharma and chemical industries

Only pump capable of handling mega viscous materials along with soft solids and abrasives particles.

Salient Features:

  • Absolutely NO metal-to-metal contact between the moving screws as a small positive clearance is maintained between them, resulting in no wear and tear of pump parts. This ensures continuous 24 hours trouble free service for process industries.
  • All internal parts are manufactured using high grade Stainless Steel.
  • No bearings inside the Pump Casing
  • Screws are mounted on the timing gears and the speed of both the screws are therefore synchronized resulting in pulsation free, turbulent free flow
  • Flow of the liquid is always in the straight path
  • Capable to handle Mega Viscous Material.
  • Sealing is situated at the suction pressure
  • Pump requires very low NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head)
  • Pump capable of running dry
  • The rotation of screws is perfectly balanced resulting in NO vibration and negligible noise.

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