Basket Filter

Salient Features of Stephenson Filter:

Srength and Durability
  • The ends of the Mesh & Back-support are spot weld for durability. Our element is perfectly designed in terms of strength that an average person can stand on it without creating any deformation of the element.
  • Back-support provided is of square perforated sheet. This gives more area for the liquid to pass. Unlike the conventional type where standard round perforation is provided. giving less area. Also cleaning the Element with square perforation is quick and easy.
  • Mesh & Back-support after having spot welded are then fixed inside the groove provided on the top bottom flanges. The assembly is then firmly held perfectly with the tie-rod.
Our Product Range
Basket filter

Ergonomic Design

  • Ordinary method of fixing the Elements inside the Filter body is with Nuts/Bolts arrangement. Our design totally devoid of such old method. Element Is provided with a heavy duty spring on the tie-rod and when the Filter cover is closed the spring is compressed by guide-plate forcing the Element to rest firmly and evenly on the rest ring. This simple design makes the element to be free when the outer cover is removed thereby saving time & energy.
  • To save on labour generally the rest ring on which the Element In placed are welded on the side where the element is fixed. This therefore doesn't allow the Element to seat completely on the rest ring because of the welding butt, resulting in pilferation of the liquid into the system. Nullifying the very purpose of Filter. In all our Filter, the rest ring is welded from underneath so that the surface is always clean clear for the perfect mating of the Element.
Quick & Easy Cleaning
  • The Filters arc genn ally located at the Loading/Unloading site of the Fuel away from the maintenance place. A tot of Ume is wasted In finding correct sine of spanner etc. to open up the conventional filter cover which are tightened with Nut/Solt, whereas we provide Eye-Bolt so that spanner is not remilred to open the cover. One could use any available rod etc. to open up Bin filter cover and once the cover is opened the Filter Element is automatically free. This arrangement have proved to be friendly especially when the fuel filter have to cleaned very frequently.

Before Leaving Our Works

  • The Filter Basket is first hydro tested for 15 kg/cm2 to identify any possible leakages from the welded area, then the total assembly along with the Filter Element is hydro tested for 10 kg/cm2 to ensure that the element do not collapse.
  • All the staler-his like. PIPE, WIRE MESH. VALVE (for Duplex Filter) are being bought from reputed suppliers.


Sizes available from 1" ripto 10F having filtering rating of 200 & 500 micron for common application for Loading/Unloading of Fuel Oil. For very fine specific duty of micro filteration we provide upto 20 micron wire mesh used as Booster Filter in the CAPTIVE D.C. POWER PLANT

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